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Natural Born Expert

December 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Natural Born Expert

I just had a funny thought the other day that kinda tickled me. We all heard of people that has a natural knack for learning or mastering in a particular skill at a very young age; also known as the word, prodigy.

Im sure we all heard the phrase “knowledge is power right”? Well wouldn’t you think that money is also related to power as well? At least for those who have it.

Have you ever heard of a natural born expert?

Well, this is my conclusion to this. If you know how to spend your money wisely and have a brain behind everything that you invest with it, It too can position as a higher power of a natural expert .

Now would you be able to say that a person that is already a self made millionaire can position themself as a Natural born marketing expert. While everyone else is doing all the leg work. all the quote and unquote “Expert” has to do is be the voice and the face for the business.

Of course they will still have to learn business as they go along, but money is the key to leveraging  a person’s success.

Some people just might wonder where on God’s green earth of who, what, and where this person came from? and poof there goes another expert on the rise. Of course a majority of us has to start from the ground up and work our butts off. But I just thought I give a little food for thought.

That’s my take on being a natural born marketing expert

a great way of working smarter and not harder.

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What’s up with 7?

December 26, 2010 Leave a comment


I see webinars, product launches, and capture pages from hundreds to over a thousand products here and there that does all sorts of things. But, I always wondered on how can you ever determine the cost of a item? how do you justify the cost of what it is worth? And that brings up the question of what’s up with #7?  I see products that are priced at $27,$37,$47 all the way up to $1,997. Who came up with the philosophy of ending products with 7? kinda like the american value of buying something at 19.99 or 99 cents when you can round it to a whole dollar. I wanted to write about this to see if anyone knows the answer to this of what’s up with 7?

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