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Tribal Slap

November 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Tribal Slap


More like a punch in the face!

Hello everyone, Have you ever had a Tribal Slap?I wanted to touch on a topic that I wanted to Rant about and get off of my chest. It may seem slightly controversial. In some people’s point of view it may or may not be. You just may totally agree with me on some topics and some you wont. The way I see it is that you can’t please everyone. But my aim here is to get into each and everyone’s head on what they are thinking, what they would do, how they would act, etc..etc…but also try to keep it professional . But behind every story I write I have a good reasoning behind it.

See I am involved into a few tribes. And you can say that i was officially hit with the

Tribal Slap;

a variation of the Google slap, but this is like the reincarnation of the Google slap but with a twist.

In case some of you out there that aren’t aware of what I mean when I mention Tribe. It is a group of individuals like yourself who are businessman or women with various backgrounds who are marketer’s, entreunperus, bloggers you name it. But the focus is to get together and have other people within the tribe to read your content and either comment on it and syndicate it; to whatever social sites that he or she maybe associated with, or for their friends to see. The idea behind all this is to get more exposure and attract more traffic to your site. That is probably one of the best ways I can sum that up for you. If you are looking for that kind of exposure get in touch with me and I can get you hooked into several different tribes. But back to the story…

I just had something that amused me the other day, but it also upset me as well, on the 16th of November. I was browsing around looking at some of the blog posts that were submitted on the wall. I was looking to see what exactly would peak my interest so I can benefit from what was being shared that could help boost my business and to pass it onto others to read so they too can get value from it. I stumbled across a few post that caught my interest on this particular blog. I noticed that this person just recently posted this blog just maybe thirty minutes ago. So I was the first person to have left a comment.I thought this was a well laid out blog post. I would say that I at least wrote about a good two paragraph comment on it; and I syndicated the heck out of that post cause I loved it that much. I left a comment onto the social wall to let others know that I found a great blog and they too should click on the link and check it out. I went back to that blog to see if the author had written something new since its been a few days. Since I liked that article sooooo much I went back to browse to see who else may have appreciated this persons work and I was figuring maybe there would be maybe ten or more comments. I noticed only one other comment besides mine and all this person left was a one liner sentence of how it was GREAT and that was on the very same day I posted mine.

Tribal Slap

Makes you want to say;  Hmmm….. But here’s the best part…. the author left a comment on his own blog post thanking that person on the one little comment that was written and I didn’t even get an ounce of recognition. Kinda feels like the Google Slap to me, but on Both Cheeks. LOL.

To leave a little comment to me I would consider that to be spam. Dont get me wrong I love to see people leave comments about how great my post are. But Im glad to also hear that persons views,likes and even dislikes of what I have written, how it has helped them, or how I could help them further by them participating in the discussion of what could’ve been added. It gives me great pleasure to put into words from my brain to a piece of paper of how something that you’ve written has changed or helped someone.

By commenting in a tribe; it not only boost credibility, but it helps push that persons rank up. I believe when someone visits your site you should stay a while and window shop, get comfortable. It’s not gonna hurt you to stick around for more than a hot minute. You should treat every blog post as a method of learning and which will get you further ahead. You shouldn’t feel as though you are doing a chore or feel that you need to go check out someone’s blog and leave as fast as you came in. You don’t necessarily have to comment on the first blog post that hits your face either. If I can’t find something of interest on the first one I will go browse on a few others. The more comments you make the better the search engines will take notice of you browsing other pages and posts within that person’s blog. If that person is always creating new content on a day to day basis then obviously there is more content to be seen.

Of course not all blog post that are written has the best content that you can leave a extensive comment, I have a few post like that and Im not ashamed to admit that. But I can always come back and create yet another post that will be better than the last one.

I guess from what I learned from this is he who leaves little comments; is the person that gets the most praise. I could go to everyone else’s blog and just pretend that I read their content and just put great post, great post again, Oh that’s a great post. I could do that all day long till my hearts content and be known as the Great Commentor.

I feel like after you have taken the time out to write a educational post or non-formal one that the least someone can do is leave a comment worth leaving. To me I feel great when someone leaves a response other than saying how great it.  I guess if you did write something of great value I suppose they just missed out on something worth looking over. I usually keep my mouth sealed, but this is what started this idea for my blog. I just want to get some feed back on how would you feel if you were in my position? Or what are your thoughts? Do share. Thanks for listening to my Rant. And that’s how I got the

Tribal Slap

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