Hello, Hello and Welcome to Marketing Disqus! Im excited to have you as a guest reader and hopefully a follower of the website. There will be great things to be marveled at on this site. This is a pretty unique website by far which I believe sticks out from the everyday norm. This Site is for the purpose of voicing your opinions on any subject of Marketing; whether it be news, controversial conversations, products, or something you want to get off your chest to whatever. My site is to hear what other marketers are thinking and to be interactive with others on certain topics whether it be negative or positive. There can be much benefit to many of those who participate. But rule #1 and that’s to be respectful of others. This site is like a Ranting page and informative as well. Feel free to put a topic that you think is worth speaking about. Whatever the latest fad or gossip then feel free disqus about it on Marketing-Disqus and so others will know your views on it. No subject is to extreme. But I’m sure we all know our limits. So I will come to a close by saying. We are all adults here and we should know how to conduct ourselves in a provocative manner. At least I would assume so. So sit back relax and enjoy.

Now that we have that squared away let me introduce myself just a little. Hello my name is Alias Dean and I am a internet marketer/blogger. I’ve been marketing mostly part time and decided to try and go full time in this. When I first started to get into marketing there were many questions that came to mind when it came to marketing online. I ask myself sometimes why are things the way they are? Why doesn’t people question certain matters? Is it that they are too scared to bring it up thinking that it will ruin their credibility? Or do they think it will make them look stupid? I figure there are no right or wrong questions to ask since this is a learning business. I want to learn from others and see what they think on certain topics so I decided to create this blog and see what sort of feed back I would get. Im not here to make anyone look bad but to make people think a little more outside the box and interact with others. This is a learning process with a mix of politics but with no politics involved. This is just a Beta phase so far and Im just curious to see how this will all turn out.

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